Auto Correct

The corn is as low as an elephant's toe...

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about our auto. It's a fine camper and does the job. We have perfected the do-si-dos necessary to move around the cabin together (nb: not while driving!), there is ample room inside and it's not too difficult to drive. No, I am referring to the usually helpful, often annoying and sometimes funny component of word processing apps.

It has been tons of fun to post here and on Facebook and read everyone's comments as they share our journey across the country. Messages, texts, emails, etc come flying in, especially in response to our first post, where we stopped at Donner Pass, named after the ill-fated Donner Party (nb: 'party' here, for those who don't know the story, refers to the Donner group, not their revelry.)

It began when I responded to a friend that 'we are at Donner Pass' and I mis-typed and it came out 'we ate at Donner Pass'. You really don't want to see 'ate' and 'Donner' in the same sentence. This is where autocorrect failed me, as of course 'ate' is a word and auto-correct is not politically correct and didn't catch my error. Perhaps feeling bad that it had been asleep at the switch, auto-correct revved into action and busily corrected everyone else's comments, repeatedly changing 'Donner' to 'Dinner'.  The Donners are now turning in their graves. Or maybe the dinners are burning in their caves!