The fourth passenger

For anyone who doesn't already know, Sara is a tree nerd. It's a pretty normal sight to see her carting around trees and plants in the back of her pickup truck. Her super nerd speciality is conifers and she's informed me they call themselves coneheads.

When we were packing the RV for our trip, I noticed a tree in a pot in the area where we were staging our supplies... I thought I was being funny when I said "No trees in the RV." It turns out, this tree is Rhode Island bound– it WAS meant to be packed.

We went back and forth over the best place to put it and finally decided that the RV bathroom was a good spot for it. The bathroom door doesn't stay closed and there's no back window. So when you're driving, this is what you see in the rear view mirror:

Roberta pointed out that it's a good idea to bring toilet-trees on long trips.