Day 1 wrap-up

Sara and Roberta and a whole lot of salt

Our day 1 was a big one– over 750 miles. We really wanted to make it to Park City, Utah because Roberta has a friend who has an amazeballs house in the mountains. She's away and offered us the run of the place overnight. Given that the rest of our nights are likely to be rest areas and truck stops, we HAD to do this.

Before we got there, I'd heard the house was big. I thought that meant it had large square footage or a lot of rooms. What I didn't know was that the house was full of enormous things– of Brobdingnagian scale.

It was a beautiful house, too bad the view sucked

Anyway, the last few hours of driving yesterday were chock full of weird roadside sights. Salt flats and bizarre art and billboards interleaving Del Taco with Jesus. Weird coincidences too– I was listening to the news and right after Elon Musk was mentioned, I passed a truck hauling brand new Teslas. I switched over to my audiobook called American Nations that spans hundreds of years of North American history, and it described the interesting diaspora of New Englanders to places west... as I drove through Salt Lake city, it talked about Joseph Smith Sr. heading to Illinois & subsequently his son's followers headed to right where I was. (Maybe the tablets described a land of giant houses)

We're back on the road now, heading for places I haven't been before. I can't get enough of a data connection to add some pictures from yesterday but I'll stick them right here when I do ⬇︎︎︎⬇︎︎︎