Driving to nowhere

Last night was truly the popping of our RV cherry. I think things really clicked for Sara and Roberta. We just pulled off the highway into a rest area and without ever needing to leave the vehicle, we cooked, ate, got a little shnockered and started re-watching The Good Wife (Roberta has never seen it before!)  We transformed our dinette into an itty-bitty-Roberta-sized bed and actually LIVED in our home on wheels.  This morning, we made coffee on the stove, finally figured out how to work the fan in the bathroom, and hit the road early to conquer more Nebraska.

Roberta didn't sleep well with the dinette in bed-mode so she tried to get some more sleep during our first leg this morning.

The further east we travel, the cheaper gas gets. It's about $1.55/gallon here. I'm wondering if they're going to pay us to fuel up in Iowa- for helping out with the whole West Texas Intermediate thing. First pit stop of the day was in Ogallala, NE.

I've often suspected I'm heading nowhere, but I've never arrived before!

Nebraska feels restful. The highway is straight and easy (which is particularly valued driving around in a big-ol motorhome that's seen a lot of rental miles). The fields are green and although there's not a ton of variety, I'd frankly had enough of spectacular views. Plus my mobile hotspot connection seems MUCH better in Nebraska than Wyoming. So, I finally finished the code review I'd been meaning to do for days now and my brother is able to resume tracking my location & sending me fun images of his view of our trip.

I've got to go figure out where the mid-way point for this trip is. We're going to hit it today and I just got word from management that I'm expected to know this fact. Seriously, Sara just called out from the driver's seat "So, did you ever figure out where our golden spike point is?" But this is the first I'd ever heard that I was supposed to know such things and a further complication is that I don't even know what our route actually is.  Ah well, such is life in the IT department, they just throw random requirements my way and expect immediate telepathy and execution. And they aren't even plying me with soft drinks & salty snacks– I mean how's a gal supposed to get tech work done under these conditions?

I can't give you an estimate without a spec, damn it