Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch...

That is a dog in the middle, not a spatchcocked chicken!

When you decide to up and leave and go RV-ing, someone has to hold down the fort. In this case, it wasn't so much holding down as it was wrangling. We all took off and left Wendy, Ron's sister, and her husband, Jerry, at home with SIX dogs!

I have three, two of which you can see in the photo above. Pippi is in the foreground and Buster is off on the right. My third, Inca, has her own bed and prefers it. The middle dog is Pippi's brother, Willie Nelson, who belongs to Wendy and Jerry. So is this the shared dog bed? No, it's Wendy's bed, and Wendy is in there somewhere.

Having litter mates is lots of fun (just ask them) and they are still puppyish at almost two years old. They are also pains in the ass and they get called 'Little Shit' as often as their real names are used. We know we're doing it a lot because they respond to it!

Wendy has another dog, Bella, a very large blonde lab. She, mercifully, doesn't get on anyone's bed.

Don't let the regal pose fool you, she's as goofy as the rest of them

The sixth dog is Elisabeth's whippet, Poppy. Poppy gets in bed, but strictly on her own terms, and has no truck with those curly monsters. I used to say that I specialize in goofy dogs and Elisabeth, who has most recently owned whippets and a ridgeback, specializes in elegant dogs. Poppy concurs.

Poppy waits until no one is in the bed to claim it. She is sleeping on Wendy's pillow!

So, Wrangler Wendy has her hands full! There is always a chance, though, that there are only four dogs and the other two are really dinner.

Labradoodle or Fried Chicken? Artificial Intelligence can't figure it out, can Wendy?